Posted by: socialtraders | March 16, 2011

Social Enterprise Mark

Apply for the Social Enterprise Mark and get 3 months FREE social media support:

That is the opening offer made by Social Traders CIC as the company welcomes its new role as one of a new breed of referral agents for the Social Enterprise Mark company. The recent increase from the flat rate of £99 up to £350 – £10k per annum is the new cost of securing the prestigious award. There is likely to be much buzz again about the Mark at the upcoming Voice11 conference at London’s O2. Scores more social enterprises, including start-ups for the first time, are expected to join more than 370 other UK businesses that are already displaying the Mark on their products giving assurance to customers that they are driven by social or environmental objectives and are trading to benefit people and planet.

“You can make your customers even more proud of buying from you. As a Social Enterprise Mark holder, you can promote your social enterprise credentials to your customers simply and clearly. The Mark’s robust criteria will also immediately differentiate you from the competition when you bid for contracts.” declares the SEM company.

Using social media to attract new applicants for the Mark, it is hoped that the offer of free social media support, using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube etc will meet the needs of social enterprises keen to keep pace with the acceleration of global marketing move toward dynamic customer responsive media.

Bob Northey, Director of Social Traders, says ‘Our free-to-view interactive Google map of all Social Enterprise Mark holders continues to be a popular choice for both consumers and researchers and has attracted over 2,700 subscribers since its creation in February 2010.

Social Traders CIC also provides a popular one-day training programme in Social Media and offers monthly support packages aimed at social enterprises.


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