Posted by: socialtraders | May 21, 2010

Social Enterprise Maps

Social Traders promote 500 social enterprises with Google maps

Every business has been given an amazing offer not to be missed. It’s called Google Places, and in exchange for a free Google account and ten minutes of your time, each enterprise is given a place on the Google map anywhere in the world. On this place page you can add your organisation logo and provide details of how to contact, services you provide and opening hours.

Social Traders is recommending all social enterprises to take advantage of this free promotional tool. You can find out more about Google Places here.

Google maps can also be created to show locations of multiple organisations, including social enterprises. Since April 2010 I have started to create and publish a series of maps promoting social enterprises. These include a very popular map showing the location of over 200 Social Enterprise Mark holders, a map of all UK registered Social Firms and most recently a local map showing all Community Interest Companies (CICs) in Cornwall, UK. With promotion through social media and online news these maps have already been used by over 2500 unique visitors.

Social Traders was set up to promote and market social enterprises locally, nationally and globally. It’s my view that Google mapping has gifted the sector with a smart way to attract new customers through this latest web technology, providing visibility to our often hidden sector and increase awareness of the services, facilities and goods provided by every single social enterprise.

If you have ideas how to develop these maps I’d love to hear from you

All maps produced through Social Traders are also viewable through



  1. Hi Bob,

    Thank you for including our organisation on Google Map.

    One slight comment, could you please change the picture as this is not a picture of our premises…it’s a picture of private dwelling.

    Many thanks

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