Posted by: socialtraders | May 4, 2010

Social firms now on the Google map

The ‘Just Buy’ campaign launched in April by Social Firms UK invited consumers to buy on a regular basis from their local social firms.   This campaign inspired me to create another Google map following the success of my Social Enterprise Mark map using the latest mapping tools provided by the popular internet search giant.   My latest map was launched today in partnership with Social Firms UK and can be found at .  It’s been fun to work with Sara McGinley as Social Firms UK to get the map created, checked and launched.  We have plans to build the ‘Just Buy’ campaign and make full use of this latest map.

The on-line map provides details of more than 140 social firms participating in the ‘Just Buy’ campaign and registered with Social Firms UK.  Social firms are businesses that trade for social or environmental purposes, reinvesting their profits back into the company, but most importantly they also create valuable employment opportunities for many hundreds of people with disabilities.  Social firms run coffee shops, laundrettes, mail and packing services, horticultural services and a host of other trading activities across the UK from Cornwall to the Orkneys.

The ‘Just Buy’ campaign is encouraging everyone to support their local social firms by becoming regular customers.  The new interactive map not only locates each social firm, but offers internet users the chance to zoom in, using either the map or satellite view, and where available access the amazing 360° street view.  Now that most people have access to the internet at home, at their local library or even on their smart phones, access to Google maps is literally at our fingertips.  I want to encourage internet users to use the Social Firms map to find their nearest social firms and become regular customers and so help these social enterprises to become truly sustainable.  The map that also has links to each social firm’s website will be a valuable resource for schools and colleges enabling students learning about social enterprise to identify social firms in their local communities and regions.

Social Firms UK CEO Sally Reynolds is also very excited about the ‘Just Buy’ campaign and very much welcomes the new map and hopes that all  customers who use the new Google map will let sales staff know when visiting their local social firm.  There’s plenty more information about every social firm and more details of the ‘Just Buy’ campaign found on Social Firms UK website at .’

Check out all my maps on


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