Posted by: socialtraders | April 1, 2010

New! Google Map of Social Enterprise Mark holders

Using the fabulous imaging and mapping power of Google Maps I’ve created a Map of Social Enterprise Mark holders across the UK.  Many locations have amazing street views to help consumers find their local social enterprises.

View the map using this link and feel free to forward to your contacts

Google maps is one of a suite of amazing free resources provided by Google – the web’s leading search engine provider.  Using a combination of street mapping and satellite viewing one can zoom in to pretty much any location and often access the incredible street view with it’s 360 degree 3D mobile capability.

I created this brand new map using the registered business addresses of the Social Enterprise Mark holders to highlight in a visual way the geographic spread of SE Mark holders across the UK.  It was fun seeing the map grow as each social enterprise was logged and it’slocation identified.  The South West currently has the largest number of SE Mark holders due to the fact that this was the pilot area used by RISE-SW to develop the Mark.  However the Mark has already reached Scotland, Northern Ireland and much of the rest of England.  The published map also reveals some unexpected gaps, for the present, such as in Wales and especially London, but with scores of SE Mark applicants currently being accredited the map will grow and develop.

As more social enterprises are awarded the SE Mark badge these are being added.  The Google Map which is available for ‘public view’ and can be saved to your personal ‘My Maps’ for future reference.  Social Traders is in discussion with the RISE-SW and the Social Enterprise Mark company to coordinate future mapping.

Meanwhile take a tour of current SE Mark holders by zooming in to your local area and identifying your nearest approved social enterprise.  Is there street view available? It makes finding places so much easier!

The map is just the beginning, I’d like to hear your ideas about identifying different types of social enterprises, perhaps by the services or goods they provide?  We can also add photographs, logos and even video if necessary. 

To find out more about the Google Mapping project visit my new website that will host my upcoming Google Maps.  Do get in touch if you wish to collaborate.


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